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Prof. Dr. Alwine Mohnen and her team cordially welcome you to the website of the Chair of Corporate Management at the Technische Universität München.

In the following sections you will find all relevant information on current events and the courses that we offer as well as the focus of the chair’s research.

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News of the chair


Forthcoming: Give me a goal to be creative

The Schmalenbach Business Review has accepted an article on the effects of goal setting on creativity by Stefanie Ringelhan, Jutta Stumpf-Wollersheim, Andreas Ostermaier, Isabell M. Welpe, and Matthias Spörrle. The authors study how emotions mediate the effects of targets on creativity. They find that goal setting leads people to generate more creative ideas, but has a negative effect on the...[mehr]


New publication by Dominik Schall, Dominik Doll, and Alwine Mohnen

Dominik Schall, Dominik Doll, and Alwine Mohnen published the article "Caution! Warnings as a Useless Countermeasure to Reduce Overconfidence? An Experimental Evaluation in Light of Enhanced and Dynamic Warning Designs" in the Journal of Behavioral Decision Making.[mehr]


New publication by Dominik Schall and Alwine Mohnen

Dominik Schall and Alwine Mohnen published the article "Incentivizing energy-efficient behavior at work: An empirical investigation using a natural field experiment on eco-driving" in Applied Energy.[mehr]


Martina Wayand ins Board der Equal Opportunities Commission gewählt

Martina Wayand, Mitarbeiterin des Lehrstuhls für Unternehmensführung, wurde vom Fakultätsrat in das Board der Equal Opportunities Commission der TUM School of Management gewählt. Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier. [mehr]


Study on Smart Homes by Deloitte and Chair of Corporate Management

In Zusammenarbeit mit Deloitte entwickeln Prof. Dr. Alwine Mohnen und Sven Asmus vom Lehrstuhl für Unternehmensführung eine Studie zu "Smart Home aus Konsumentensicht". Angebote im Bereich der intelligenten Hausvernetzung existieren bereits seit vielen Jahren, haben sich aber über einen langen Zeitraum nicht bei den Verbrauchern durchsetzen können. Inzwischen ist das Interesse an Smart...[mehr]


"The Negotiation Challenge" finals 2015

The Chair of Corporate Management hosts "The Negotiation Challenge" finals 2015. The three best performing teams from the qualification rounds are invited to Munich to compete for the title "The Great Negotiator 2015". The finals are going to take place at May, the 30th 2015. For further information please check the following links: The Negotiation Challenge 2015The...[mehr]


New publication by Sven Asmus and Alwine Mohnen

Sven Asmus, Florian Karl, Alwine Mohnen, and Gunther Reinhart published the article "The Impact of Goal-setting on Worker Performance - Empirical Evidence from a Real-effort Production Experiment" in the Proceedings of Procedia CIRP.[mehr]